Do You Know What Is Clogging Your Drain?

Do You Know What Is Clogging Your Drain?

As you are brushing your teeth at night, or as you are washing the dishes after a delicious meal, you see that the water is rising up in the sink basin. You hope that the drain will catch up, so you turn the water pressure down a bit, but you find that the water level just keeps going up until you turn the water off completely. No homeowner wants to face a drain clog, but clogs are one of the single most common plumbing issues people deal with each and every year. Chances are that every homeowner will encounter the problem one way or another.

 While some drain clogs can be addressed easily by turning to DIY solutions, not all fall under this category. If you are unable to unclog your drain using simple home products, any further work on your own drain could be damaging your entire plumbing system. The best way to address a clogged drain is to call in a professional plumber to get to the root of the problem without harming your pipes.


The Most Common Causes Of Clogged Drains


When a drain clogs, it is usually a bit of a mystery as to what caused it until the source of the problem is discovered. Some of the most common causes of clogged drains are the following:


  • Hair – If your bathroom sink or shower is clogged, the first thought you should have regarding what may be causing that clog is hair. Pieces of hair slip mindlessly down the drain while you are getting ready at the sink or taking a shower, and you may not even see it as a problem if you catch a glimpse of them going down the drain. As hair collects within the piping, it forms clogs, and you may not notice those until your sink or shower begins to drain much more slowly or not at all.


  • Food – While you are preparing meals or doing the dishes, bits of food may find their way going down your sink drain. While the occasion small piece of this or that may seem to be no big deal, those pieces can accumulate in your drainage pipes, leading to clogs.


  • Grease – After draining a pan, pouring the hot grease down the sink might seem harmless. It looks like a liquid, so surely it will make its way down your pipes just like any other similar substance you may pour down into the sink. That grease can coat the sides of your pipes, however, and accumulate to become what is a particularly difficult and damaging clog.


What To Do To Clear Your Drains


The best thing you can do when you are facing a drain clog is to call in the professionals. Only they will be able to effectively clean out your drains and do so in a way that is never damaging to your plumbing system. If you are interested in what a professional plumbing company can do for your home’s drains, call us at I C Plumbing Services today.