Types Of Plumbing Issues That Cause Homeowners Grief

Types Of Plumbing Issues That Cause Homeowners Grief

Many people don't give their plumbing systems much thought when everything is working cohesively together like a well-oiled machine. As long as the toilets are flushing, tubs are draining, and faucets are turning on and off, they do not have any concerns. However, from time to time, plumbing issues can occur that leave folks wanting to rip handfuls of hair out of their heads. Of course, there is always the option of taking a DIY approach to fixing the problems.

However, sometimes, homeowners discover that they have bitten off more than they can chew upon doing so, as the tasks are challenging and time-consuming. Then, there are also those that persons that don't want to attempt repairs. Perhaps, they don't have the experience or tools. Then again, maybe they simply do not wish to get their hands dirty. Luckily, whatever property owners find themselves facing, plumbing contractors have them covered.


A Busted Lead Drain Line

Before PVC piping entered the picture, houses were piped with lead drains. The materials were flexible and easy to install at the time. However, as the lines age, it is not uncommon for cracks to form where the lead is soldered to a piece of brass. Additionally, lead drum traps often deteriorate, and the water that they hold leaks onto whatever is below them. A plumbing contractor can take these pieces out and replace them with PVC. They have the experience to fit the curves to the straight-a-ways appropriately and get things flowing again without any leaks.


Is The Water In Your Toilet Bowl Rising?

When kids enter the picture, particularly young ones that don't know any better, all sorts of crazy things can get flushed down a toilet. Heck, the same can be said for pets on occasion. For example, a dog could drop his or her ball in the bowl when the lid is raised. Many times, if the commode is flushed, the object goes deeper inside the drain and gets stuck in the P-trap.

A plumber can run a closet auger into the toilet to retrieve the item, or send it down into the main sewer. On other occasions, he or she may even have to pull the unit to try and remove the clog. There are cases where the toilets have to be replaced too. Whatever the situation, plumbers have homeowners covered.


Did Your Garbage Disposal Go Kaput?

Lots of kitchens feature garbage disposals. People use them to chop up their leftovers into tiny bits and send them down the drain. These devices add convenience to persons' lives, but just like anything else human-made, they can break. Sometimes, the bodies of the units rust through. In other instances, the motors fizzle out. Plumbing contractors can determine whether disposals are merely jammed or in need of replacement. So, give one a call to discover your options today.

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