Understanding The Different Types Of Sewer Line Problems

Understanding The Different Types Of Sewer Line Problems

An important part of a property that many homeowners tend to forget is the sewer line. It may only come to mind when there is already a problem.

Proper Maintenance

Since the sewer line is one of the most vital parts of your plumbing system, issues with it may lead to property damage. They may even have effects on your health.

What many individuals do not realize is that proper maintenance of sewer lines is crucial. Doing this will help prevent a host of problems. However, it may not be a task for non-professionals to take on. You may need help from a professional plumbing company.

Common Problems Of Sewer Lines

To protect your home and family, you have to be aware of the common problems you may encounter. The sooner you detect one, the easier it is for the professional plumbing company to find solutions. Additionally, failure to address the issue immediately can worsen the damage.

  • Damage Due To Tree Root Growth  Having trees on or near your property can help make your surroundings more beautiful. They may also provide shade. However, their roots can be one of the worst enemies of your sewer line. Since they need water to survive, they may damage your pipes to get enough nutrition. You can prevent this problem by watering your trees regularly, especially in times of drought. You may also want to avoid having water-loving ones. If you really want to have trees, make sure they are at a safe distance from your system.

  • Clogging Or Blockage – Flushing the wrong things down the drain can cause a blockage. Some of those items are diapers, wipes, tampons, and cat litter. Sometimes, clogging can take you by surprise. But, most of the time, there will be noticeable signs like gurgling noises in pipes, water backing up, slow drainage, and water draining from one fixture to another.


  • Pipe Corrosion Or Damage If your pipes have maximized their lifespans, they may be prone to corrosion or deterioration. When that happens, they can restrict water flow and collapse the whole sewer line. Other possible causes of pipe damage are strong storms, frozen ground, and shifting soil.


  • Lack Of Pitch  Proper installation is also necessary to ensure that sewer lines do their job. If the pitch or slope is not right, there may be waste buildup in the line closer to your home. This issue can cause a sewer backup. You may need a pitch replacement or pump installation.

Getting Help

Taking care of your sewer line is necessary to ensure that water flows properly through your drains. It also helps protect your property and family. Consulting a professional plumbing company can help you with proper maintenance and give you access to immediate sewer line repair.

When it comes to your plumbing system, trust only the experts at IC Plumbing Services. Years of servicing household plumbing needs have given us the necessary knowledge and skills to address problems efficiently. Contact our team today to learn more.